We are NOT an insurance company. We are NOT a big brokerage firm.  We are NOT a bank.
Their primary responsibility is to their huge corporate structure and their shareholders.  

Instead, Athletes Financial maintains its sole responsibility to our Clients and their financial success.
Knowing YOU are at the center of every recommendation and service….  

Now that’s a Game Changer.

Why Athletes Financial?

Our unique service model was started in 1972 by a young agent and his college teammate and friend, Arnold Palmer. As one of the first athletes to approach his opportunity as a business, this storied PGA champion considered his financial team very carefully.

This decision was about more than just pretty logos, charts full of promises, and resumes. It was about UNDERSTANDING your unique career, ANTICIPATING opportunities and potential pitfalls, and at the core of our relationship, TRUST.

Combining our unmatched Experience with our Passion to educate + empower professional athletes, to radically improve their futures.

Athletes Financial is proud to carry on this tradition to our clients, one success story at a time.

Ryan Broyles

Ryan Broyles

NFL Wide Receiver / The Players' Tribune (Jan 20, 2016)

I think that’s why so many guys go broke. They come out of the gates as a rookie spending a lot of money, and they establish a lifestyle for themselves that they can’t sustain because they’re not saving and investing enough money for the future. Then one day, the checks stop coming in, and you wake up and all your money’s gone."

Na'il Diggs

Na'il Diggs

Former NFL Linebacker / Sports Illustrated (May 5, 2016)

I do not suffer from naiveté, but it is my sincere hope that by sharing my story, professional athletes will learn to be wary of unscrupulous financial and investment “advisors”.