Empowering Athletes with every aspect of Financial knowledge to Succeed.

Financial Coach + Mentor

BEST for:  Clients planning for TODAY

FOCUS:  Education.  Consultation.  Game Plan for Success.

  • Work together to understand Personal Goals + Motivations.
  • Share “Evidence-Based” approach to Financial Planning.
  • Develop a Game Plan for Success together.
  • Implement + Monitor the Game Plan.
  • Measure Success regularly, Adjust Plan to Sustain Progress.

Family Office Services

BEST for:  Clients planning SHORT-TERM

FOCUS:   Taxes.  Insurance.  Cash Management.

  • Prepare ALL your Federal, State, and Local tax returns
  • Ensure compliance required of Professional Athletes
  • Tax planning to prepare BEFORE each season – No surprises
  • Monitor for potential financial exposure, to protect Athletes
  • Access to personalized AF Client website, for all your documents – anytime, anywhere.

Personal CFO

BEST for:  Clients planning LONG-TERM

FOCUS:  Savings Game Plan.  Retirement.  Estate Planning.

  • Constant focus on preparing appropriately for Retirement
  • Educate our Clients on what it means to be prepared, mentally and financially
  • Identify opportunities to contribute to tax efficient Retirement accounts
  • Coordinate to ensure these opportunities are taken advantage of
  • Carefully consider the need for Wills, Trusts, Healthcare Powers of Attorney
  • Evaluate the need to upgrade from the current Estate Plan
  • Access to AF Client website, to monitor your Retirement Goals progression – anytime, anywhere.

Athletes Analytics

Think your Financial Game Plan stacks up?  Let’s find out – Before its too late.

You have an investment or financial adviser elsewhere already?
You been trying to manage your financial life yourself?
Excellent – Let’s see how you are doing.

Athletes Financial can help athletes already “in the game” even more.

Through our proprietary Athletes Analytics program, we can provide feedback on your current status for you better than anyone.  Think of this service as the second set of professional eyes on your money that you always wanted.  Now its available directly to you.

Athlete Foundations

Interested in Starting your own Foundation?  We can help.

  • Discuss options available to Athletes, to identify and match their Charitable desires
  • File for Tax Exempt (Not for Profit) status with the IRS
  • Coordinate appropriate documentation and filings to maintain status
  • Manage the accounting and reporting functions of the Foundation
  • Administer the Acknowledgement Letters requirement of the IRS
  • Ensure the Athlete’s Foundation is compliant and efficient
  • Remove the challenges of managing the Foundation, so our Clients can focus on its Mission